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Jo-Jo Tåg foundation

The foundation is non-profit and completely without private profit interests. The foundation has the opportunity to apply for grants from the state. The size of the grant is completely dependent on how much money the foundation itself can contribute. The larger funds the foundation can receive through fundraising, the larger grants can be received by the state.

If you want to contribute, please contact the board of the foundation

The purpose of the foundation

The foundation's purpose is in order of priority to:

  1. Promote the creation of the Jo-Jo train concept and when this has been realized

  2. Support the dissemination of the Jo-Jo train concept, in Sweden and globally.

Purpose 1. Can e.g. promoted through research and development grants, advertising and marketing, expert studies and analyzes. Here it may be necessary for the foundation to create a foundation-owned company for the actual business.

Purpose 2. This support a) can take place through grants to train operators within the Jo-Jo train concept. Such a subsidy will then mean that tourists (not Swedish citizens) in Sweden can travel for free, or at a lower cost on the Jo-Jo train. If funds are available, support can be given, if the board wishes, b) to subsidize the ticket cost, in whole or in part, for different categories of travelers, such as the elderly, younger, disabled, students etc.

Support a) and b) may relate to journeys at certain times and relate to a few journeys or a limited time, e.g. summer time or in the middle of the day or similar. A travel document, ticket or similar must state that the trip is supported by the Jo-Jo-train Foundation.

The foundation's board is

Johan Nordlander, DSc in physics, MA    chairman

Henrik Hoogland, , MSc in law                 secretary

Olle Nordlander,MSc in Economics,         treasurer

The foundation's auditor

Carl-Johan Sandberg, Certified Public Accountant


Memorandum of association

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The foundation's statutes

The foundation's activities.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Arouse interest in the concept
  • Create a debate about the concept and possibly other ideas to get a functioning high-speed train
  • Investigate technical issues that can facilitate the implementation of the concept
  • Finally, make sure that the concept is implemented in a modified version

Use funds raised for:

  • To create an informative and attractive website
  • To create a Facebook group where the concept can be debated and where news can be presented, try to attract as many followers as possible
  • Have a film created (animated?) That presents the concept (You Tube)
  • Try to create a media interest in e.g. SvD, DN, Dagens Industri, Ny Teknik and trade press such as Postvagnen and others
  • Court and present the concept to politicians, for example in the Riksdag's business committee
  • Arrange seminars and panel debates.

    Make contact

    You have knowledge views and ideas.

    We would like help to improve and realize the idea of ​​the Jo-Jo concept.

    We are convinced that it is good for Sweden. If we are skilled, it can also be an export product. What works well in Sweden also works well in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Germany - yes in all countries.

    Contact us and we will work together.


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